Thursday, April 1, 2010

Update: Contagion Plot Details

I've been doing my best to keep you updated about Steven Soderbergh's upcoming film, Contagion. Well, news broke today regarding the specifics in the script. 

It's about who's playing who and how things get started wit the deadly little beast. I guess this may count as a spoiler, or you can just wait for the trailer to do that for you too.

Contagion, follows an international team of doctors and scientists brought in by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) after an outbreak of a deadly virus.
Gwyneth Paltrow plays a character called Beth Emhoff who is struck down by a mysterious ailment during a Hong Kong flight, and her husband, Matt Damon, is is forced to care for his wife, and soon his step-son, as her condition worsens.
Laurence Fishburne plays Dr. Ellis Cheever, the head of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and Kate Winslet plays his colleague Dr. Erin Mears. Both are battling to find a cure for the disease, and Winslet’s character is sent to examine Gwyneth Paltrow at her home in Minnesota.
Marion Cotillard plays European doctor Leonora Orantes who works for the World Health Organization. She is also working on finding a cure and heads to Hong Kong to investigate what appears to be the genesis spot of the breakout.
And finally, Jude Law plays Alan Krumwiede, “a hungry, truthseeking blogger with an unfortunate interest in conspiracy theories”. His character is “responsible for spreading information about the disease, both true and false, around the world.”

Sounds sick (pun intended). Apparently the script, written by Scott Z. Burns (The Informant! and The Bourne Ultimatum) is “terrifying”. The film is scheduled to begin filming later this year for a 2011 release (no official release date has been set).

I'll Keep you posted on this project.

Munki Out.

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