Saturday, April 17, 2010

With Her Magic

She put a spell on me, but not 'cuz I'm her's
It's merely for torture, so only pain occurs
She put a spell on me, so I'm alone when I'm out
All the people around, even the girls, and I'm still without

She walks her sexy walk
Cigarette in hand
No can tell her
Not any man

For she is the soul-eater
The heart-taker
The man-beater
The spirit-breaker

Her big eyes entice
Her kiss is concise
This woman will make you think twice
That just one night, will never suffice

This I must confess
Let me warn you now
She is most dangerous
And I'll tell you how

When that soft voice enters your ear
You'll give her anything you hold dear
You may not feel it first
But in time, your heart will burst
Over this beautiful baby
And then you are cursed

Yes sir
I take great pity
On the one who falls
For the girl in Foster city. . .

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