Saturday, April 17, 2010

Poop In Your Shoes Goes "Squish"

I'd rather be lonely than happy with somebody else
I intend to be independently blue
This woman who once was mine
Has bid me fucking adieu

The worst part is 
Her smile stays on
That lovely face of her's
Knowing that I'm gone

They always leave me
I can never make it last
The one I loved the most
Drove off so Goddamn fast

She bounced out the dirt town
To foliage up north
And although I wanted to
She said no back-and-forth

This lover's game
Is a dangerous one
I played with all my chips
And lost so now I have none

The poop in my shoes
Constantly goes "squish"
To have my puppy back
Would be my one wish

To hear her bark 
And hear her go ruff
This pain inside my body
I've had e-fucking-nuff

But she's lost forever
With no tags that say she's mine
She happier now
Without me she's doing fine

And I know this
And know that I'm not
For without her
My heart will surely rot
Inside then out
I'll wither to my core
Of this I have no doubt
I can't take it anymore

I've got a good excuse
Where's that bar
It's time for 'Nana juice
And I know that isn't far

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