Friday, April 2, 2010

Pacino's Next Move

The Kang biotch! He's doing it again. ...Oh yeah, and some other people too...

More on the details of this new project.

Son Of No One, being toted as a police thriller, will have Pacino co-staring along side Channing Tatum, who should count his fucking blessings that weak, square-jawed, under-performer is even in the same room as such a magician as Alfredo. The film is about a rookie cop (Tatum) who get's assigned to his old neighborhood to walk the beat in the working class neighbourhood where he spent his younger days. But while it sounds like he’d be good at the job – what with knowing the local streets – an old, ugly secret threatens to bubble up and destroy his life and his family.

Ray Liotta, Katie Holmes (another blessing counter) are set to ride along, with Dito Montiel set to lens the project. 

Dito? Hmm... I'm not too familiar with his work. I heard about Fighting, not good things either. But I heard about his previous one, A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints, and the Robert Downey Jr. starer went over pretty well, considering RDJ hadn't blown back up yet, Iron Man was still two years away. But every so often, the smarter Directors, take a look at what they used to do right, and then how they got it wrong the next time around, before taking on another film. And with Pacino in the driver's seat of the star power, and all the integrity and everything that comes with being so great as he is--with Liotta giving a nice helping hand--we would think this guy Dito would do his homework on a few things, and not screw this next one up.

But the intersting thing about the casting details... Tracy Morgan and Juliette Binoche?

Hmm... Morgan is pretty split in the general consensus that he's either funny as hell or a damn dud. I think his timing and attitude on 30 Rock is superb, his recent Emmy nod is well deserved. And Binoche? What else can you say? She's a true gift to have in your film. Period.

I'm gonna say it... I have some faith in this thing. And I hope all goes well, this could be (save for Ocean's 13, sort of) Pacino's best since '02's Insomnia. Dare i say... better maybe if they do this right? And that's saying something when you're up against Chris Nolan, normally, I'd say don't bother.

Munki Out.

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