Monday, April 12, 2010

"I Love You Philip Morris" Get's Release Dates (Second Guessing Assholes)

Glenn Ficarra & John Requa are the guys responsible for helming (directing) and writing what looks to be from the trailer embedded below, everything that Catch Me If You Can was, and so much more. It's all based on the real life events of con artist, impostor, and multiple prison escapee Steven Jay Russell.

The film was adapted from I Love You Phillip Morris: A True Story of Life, Love, and Prison Breaks by Steve McVicker. Summed up in a sentence, this is a in-and-out-of-prison comedy starring Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey as gay lovers. Jim Carrey's character, Steven Jay Russell, is an expert con-man, dubbed "Houdini" and "King Con". In the course of their relationship, he escaped prison 4x before finally receiving a 144-year jail sentence in a max security prison. But wait! There's more!

At first glance, this film was a hit at Sundance and Cannes. THE biggest film festivals in the world, short of Venice, but Italy can wait. But after all the hype died down, the distributor who picked up the rights to the film, got shaky legs over the content of the film. I.E. : the GAYness in it. Specifically, an explicit gay-sex scene only a mere few minutes into the film. Consolidated Pictures Group picked it up after after the pics run at Sundance. And not after long, it occurred them, the money in it, wasn't a good enough return on the epic fail they could receive at the box office with a bad return on the investment on marketing the thing and handing it out to screen nation wide. So they backed out on their intended date of March 26 release. That was pushed to April 30. And most recently, the phrase they used was, I believe, ‘delay indefinitely.’ Pussies. think ahead, don't act like a kid in a candy store, than get home and eat so much of it, you end up vomiting going, "maybe this wasn't so cool." 

They released the statement only last week, and now it seems after the backlash (and bigotry and hypocrisy and all other kinds of 'y' ending words), they have decided to give it back to the people and set the date of July 30 and then expand on August 6. 

Atta boy! Just take a look at this thing, and then tell me, that it doesn't have the workings of a damn good dramedy. With, maybe a small B.O. but mucho awards potential as the safety net. At least, a GG nod to Carrey/McGregor for comedy/musical? BAFTA's tend to pick up the smarter pieces of comedy that the Oscar's shove to the side as well. 

This film is "coming out" everywhere August 6th. August is always the last chance on a big comedy event too, before the dramas take over and scare'res for awards season and Halloween. Here's to this film. 

Munkie Out. 

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