Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tony Scott To Direct Statham, Bardem and Rourke?!

(Tony) Scott, Bardem, Statham and Rourke, all in the same film? Not my first choice, but not bad ones either. It's these kinds of casting decisions that make me want to see films real bad. 

Although, none of them are locked in but the trades are reporting that these men could very well be in an upcoming Tony Scott film Potsdamer Platz.

Scott just wrapped up his Unstoppable. A thriller about... an unstoppable train.... oh man am I dubious. But this premise sounds a little more solid. The film is reportedly “a drama about two soldiers in a New Jersey-based crime family who try to expand internationally.”

Internationally could very well mean Bardem, or Statham too. Who knows if this project will gestate with these guys, but I'm in all of their corners over it. Everyone with a brain stem knows the Javier and Mickey are A+ performers. But Statham, a B-movie action legend, is never a bad choice to throw into something with a more substantiation.  He can certainly deliver a nice performance, but it seem this English bro would rather beat your ass instead. And why not? He's good at it and his movie are top notch (B material) action. 

Scott's best films, in my opinion to date, are True Romance, and Man On Fire. If he can get that kind of magic back into his hands and through his camera lens and eventually to the cutting room, then I'm all about this project. 

I'll keep you posted on what kind of moves these suckas make. Hopefully it's in this direction. But yes, I've considered the fact that these guys and this premise, could very well, end up to be, box office poison and a creative integrity nightmare. But let's hope not.

Munki Out.

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