Thursday, April 8, 2010

Harrison Ford Joins Cowboys And Aliens!

One of all time action dudes and just the coolest guys (my personal favorite since 4 years old), Harrison Ford, is joining Jon Favreau's upcoming comic book adaptation, Cowboys And Aliens.

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News all started the other day, when Favreau left a weird message on his Twitter account about some casting news.
" Some very cool Cowboys And Aliens casting news coming soon..."
 It didn't take long for the speculation to sink in and everyone wanted to know. Then Latino Review (who for serious has the scoop on everything!) broke the news. Favreau broke the news on his twitter account,
 " Please stop asking if Harrison Ford is in Cowboys And Aliens. Okay? He is. Please don't tell anybody."
So there you have it! Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde are already on board. And they are both, very, good, indeed. With Jon at the helm and scribes Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman (Transformers 1 &2 and Star Trek) penning the film, maybe we'll see something pretty damn cool. yes, they fucked up Trans 2, but they learned from their mistakes and Star Trek was fuckin' terrific. Nuff said.

The story revolves around aliens attacking 19th century Arizona which forces traditional enemies cowboys and Indians to band together and fight off the alien attackers.

This movie is invading our theaters July 29th, 2011. I'll keep you suckas postd on nay news news or set pics.

Munki Out.

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