Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fact or Fiction? Emily Blunt To Be Catwoman In B3?

Most likely fiction, because I've been hearing crazy casting news for over a year now on this next installment. The trades have been riddled with the rumors and rumblings of this RUMOR. And evidently, no one knows weather this stuff is legit or not. And the film in question? Batman 3 = Emily Blunt as Catwoman?

Let's give it up to Batman-on-Film for breaking the story. Which is a RUMOR as of now. That guy Jett, has it all and knows EVERYTHING Batman, especially film. Any news I need, I check this guy's pages for it.

Anyway. The long and short of it is, Emily Blunt recently turned down a starring role offer for the Captain America movie. She would have played Steve Rogers A.K.A Captain America's love interest, Sharon Carter. I don't blame her, I'd stay away from Joe Johnston too. And having just worked with him on the remake disaster,  The Wolfman, I guess she wisely decided, he ain't what she wants to do right now. 

Jett, the BOF head/founder, got an e-mail from a very Hollywood-connected friend that told him he thinks she did that because she's eyeing a different property: Batman 3. I've heard, Charlize, we've ALL heard Angelina Jolie, who would be pitch perfect, and hence the reason Chris Nolan would NEVER cast her. 

The emailer reminded him that the English actress was "allegedly" up for part of Rachel Dawes in THE DARK KNIGHT after Katie Holmes was invited to leave...sorry...had a (*ahem*) “scheduling problem” and couldn’t reprise her BATMAN BEGINS role. Of course, Maggie Gyllenhaal eventually nabbed the part and did it of justice, although a little different kind. I won't tramp the toes of Holmes and say that she was better necessarily. 

Yes, I have a small crush on Emily, yes she is a fantastic actress and I love to follow her from one film to the next. And yes, if her 10 minutes of screen time in Charlie Wilson's War tell us anything, it's that she is very well suited for this role. What do I always say? You want a good American, a tough guy/girl, a film noir kind of deal? Go British or Australian. They can be "US" better than we can.

But we'll know this, not that they would release this info, and mostly because this is a rumor, if she does pass on Catwoman, then we know fa sho that Catwoman is in B3. Sweet. But Nolan already knows that. So WB won't be saying about shit about that shit it shitted out. Say that five times fast.

I'll of course be keeping you posted on the moves, if any, of this story. But use a salt shaker with this rumor. Please and thank you.

Munki Out.

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