Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For Real? Brody, Russell and Stone Together? In A David Koresh Film?

This cast and film premise sound like an answered prayer for some discombobulated film geek. Off his own website Rupert Wainwright(Blank Check, Stigmata, The Fog) says he is coming at you with (hopefully) something really cool, but we'll have to see given his track record. 

But wait! There's more!

For real this director is crap ontop of poop on the sidewalk in the middle of July at high noon. So, in essence, this script of his and co-writer and award winning investigative journalist James Hibberd, better be pretty good to get talent like this.Off the beaten path talent, but grade A none the less. Brody's been a busy man and Russell, who as of late has just been chillen. Sharon Stone will be happy to do anything I feel like, after a slew of B.O. disasters and underground shit. Save for her stunning few minutes of screen time towards the end of the film, and I mean completely unbelieveable performance so good I was tingling and gossebumped with terror and empathy for her, in Alpha Dog. She was good every scene she was in actually, go watch it bro. For real. She's every time, go Casino too, one my favs. By one of my favs, (if not favorite) Scorcese. She almost own an Oscar. And her nice helping hand in the ensemble cast of Bobby. 

Here's the official synopsis for the film from Rupert's site:

Waco will be the first narrative feature film to explore the events of the ATF raid on Mt. Carmel, TX, the 51-day siege that followed, and the devastating compound fire that resulted in the deaths of 81 civilians. The movie cuts between ATF special agents, FBI Negotiators, the Davidians on the inside, the tactical Hostage Rescue Team leaders, and the political machinations in Washington DC.

Waco will be directed by Rupert Wainwright 
with a script he co-wrote with award-winning investigative journalist James Hibberd (The New York Times, Austin American-Statesman, Salon). Lee Nelson (Pathfinder, Basic) will be producing the film with Wainwright.

Expert and detailed research for the film was provide by Consultant 
Michael McNulty, who won an Emmy and was nominated for an Academy Award in 1999 for his documentary, Waco: The Rules of Engagement. He has produced two additional films on the Waco incident, as well as given expert testimony in front of Congress based on his research.

Click here to see a video of some footage and pictures of the 51 day siege, it's not really cool though sometimes. Be warned. 

I'll be keeping you... posted you guessed it!

Munki Out. 

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