Thursday, May 5, 2011

Boogie Baby

"I swear I can dance longer than I can fuck."      
                                                          Jane Leiby

        Before she knew it hands were on her hips, shoulders and arms, and someone with a headset was talking into Zuri's ear. Out of instinct she almost whirled around, ready to throw down and take lives with her powerful and quick hands, but Zuri with wide eyes was smiling and pointed over Ariana. She turned around and saw a blank space towards the back of the club, with special swiveling lights around it and small stairs leading to it, like a stage. It was elevated maybe fifteen feet off the ground, looked like a 12x12 circle. Ariana turned to looked at the men, some had headsets, bouncers, some were just excited patrons.
        She asked over the music to Zuri. “WHAT?!”
        She leaned in as Zuri explained, “It's an extreme hona to go up to the platform, they see you for a spirited danca. You must go!” She laughed hard and pattered her shoulders giving The Chosen One a cheek kiss, “GO BOOGIE BABY!”