Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dicaprio Spills (A Few) Details On J Edgar Hoover Biopic

Give it up to Slashfilm for givin' me the scoop. If you read this silly attempt aty being a pro film news reporter/critic/analyst, you'd know that i reported a while back about Dicaprio and Eastwood getting together for a J Edgar Hoover biopic. Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black of Milk fame is writing the script and Warner Bros. is behind the whole thing, Eastwood's home away from home really.

Well, at a press conference for the upcoming summer saver, Inception, Leo was asked about the details for the collab between him, Dustin Lawrence Black and Eastwood on the Hoover biopic. He confirmed he's in talks to star saying this:
"Yeah, I’m talking to Clint Eastwood about playing J. Edgar Hoover, who had his hand in some of the most scandelous events in American history — everything from the Vietnam war to [John] Dillinger to Martin Luther King and JFK. It’s about the secret life of J Edgar Hoover.”
Then some one asked him about the dress, because supposedly Hoover was a cross dresser. A reference to a claim made in Hoover’s 1993 biography Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J Edgar Hoover, which quoted a witness, Susan Rosenstiel, (who later served time at Rikers Island for perjuring herself in a 1971 case) who claimed to have seen Hoover engaging in cross-dressing in the 1950s at homosexual orgies.
"Not as of yet. We haven’t done the fittings for those… so I don’t think so.”
Let's see if they explore that area of his life. This all sounds pretty good though. I'm excited to see what comes of this project. I'll be keeping you posted.

Munki out.

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