Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hugh Jackman's 'Real Steel' Releases 1st 2 Photos

Real Steel is an upcoming sci-fi film staring Hugh Jackman about fighting robots 'cuz human boxing is outlawed.  Hit the jump to check out the photos and synopsis from the film.

The film, set to hit theaters on November 18th 2011, tells the story of a father and his estranged 11-year-old son who enter the world of robotic boxing. You see, in the future, human boxing has been outlawed, replaced with sports combat between human-trained 2000-pound heavy steel robots. Levy has described the story as “rousing sports movie”.

Hugh Jackman will play an ex-fighter who has “to reinvent himself when human boxers are replaced by robots” and finds that he has an 11-year-old son. He decides to become a promoter , but “access to sub-standard robot parts hampers his hopes for glory in Robot Boxing, until he discovers a discarded robot that always seems to win.” He bonds with his son over the robot fights.

Davis will join 11-year-old Canadian Dakota Goyo , who plays the lead role — Max, described as “a street-smart, tough, charming kid with a hard, untrusting outer shell which hides a warm enthusiastic spirit beneath. He is a complicated, strong-willed and resourceful boy.” Kevin Durand also co-stars as a Texan promoter of robot boxing. Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker) will play a boxing promoter and Evangeline Lilly (Lost) will portray a friend of Jackman’s character. Hope Davis (About Schmidt), James Rebhorn (Independence Day, The Game) and Olga Fonda (Love Hurts) also have roles.

USA Today has a story running on Tuesday with a couple interesting bits:
  • The robots used in the movie are practical / real props — 19 real-life animatronic 8-foot-tall robot fighters were created for the production.
  • Spielberg encouraged Levy to use a mix of real and computer generated, so the fighting sequences will involve Motion-capture animation.
  • Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard is apparently working as an adviser in the fight sequences.
Sounds dope, I've et to see what Levy did with Date Night, but I've heard good things. Jumping genre's is one thing, (Night At The Musem 1 &2) but this guy looks like he knows how to do it and pull it off. I'll be keeping you posted it this fa sho!
Munki out.

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