Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Best Cameo On Entourage

And also proof of why Val Kilmer is the best kept secret in Hollywood. Please try to argue that. He disappears into everything he does. He never tries to hard, or pushes too much. It's always very appropriate. And then there are things in his stuff, you never woulda thought of, and when you catch 'em, it's terrific and makes you feel better about your day.

Entourage is of course, one of my favorite shows ever. The last season was straight up weak (no chaser). So let's see what they can do with this one coming atcha June 27, 2010. Oh! That's today.

Anyway, without further adieu...

You wouldn't have even figured it out it was him wouldja? He's a damn chameleon akin to Gary Oldman, Streep, or DD Lewis.

Munki pleasantly out.

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