Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Iron Man 2 Hits $300 Milli

Hooray suckas. Thanks to Superherohype for pointing it out. $300,331,985. The original made $318 so it doesn't have long to go before it matches it. Even though, traditionally, sequels are supposed to be ridin' the hype from the first one, and the excitement for the sequel to come out, and in turn make more money from an explosion to see the anticipated follow up. But either way it's a boat load to make and a major success. I saw this thing 3 times and it still isn't enough to satisfy me. 
"Yo Goldstein! Gimmie a fat beat, (breaks down laughing) to beat my friend's ass to!"
Here's to you Fav and RDJ. Way to fuckin' go guys, you rool fa sho.

Munki out.

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