Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Update: Dicaprio To Join Eastwood's Hoover Biopic?

Just last night, I reported about Clint Eastwood gearing up a biopic about J. Edgar Hoover (actually, it's right below this post). Now it looks as if Leo The Great Master of Disguise would be taking on this role and providing us a view into the man's mind who secretly controlled the whole country.

 Milk writer Dustin Lawrence Black penned the script for Brian Grazer (who produced The Changeling for Clint and now, they're good buddies) and it was originally set up to be a Universal picture. But they tossed it aside, in fear of it's dated... uh, date. So Brian called up Clint and got him the script and then Eastwood reportedly got real excited about it. That's fuckin' Hollywood pull son, calling Clint Eastwood and telling the other studio to screw off.  Plus, years back, Clint directed a real nice little film, The Eiger Sanction, which initially got panned by critics, Eastwood blamed Universal Studios for the films poor promotion and turned his back on them, forming a long-lasting agreement with Warner Bros. through Frank Wells that would transcend over 35 years of cinema and remain intact to this day. Which is where the biopic is right now.  They now have it set up at Warner Bros., who reportedly give Clint enough money to do whatever the hell he wants and leave him be; then he turns a nice profit and nicer award wins for them and everybody goes home happy.

Like I previously said, I'm all about and behind this project. Clint is one of my favorites and most respected directors and actors especially. And Leonardo is proving that he is a very nice choice for giving way to himself, in search of a whole other person entirely. And this man, Hoover, was rich with a person to bring out and show people. Because there's just too much out there that we don't really know, that we always wanted to about the most secretive man in the country.

Much more substantiated is the fact that Hoover would wield elements of the FBI and other federal energy to control and subvert the civil rights of those he considered enemies and dangers to democracy. He would compile information about the sexual preferences of some subjects, and reportedly used it to discredit them. Regardless of the truth behind the gay/cross-dressing rumor (an image that may have bloomed simply as a way to use Hoover’s own smear campaigns against him) there’s a lot of material in Hoover’s story that would make it of interest to Dustin Lance Black. I love the idea of him drafting this script.

I'll keep you posted on any new details, but it looks like this film is locked down and ready to go. 
Munki Out.

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