Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is Catwoman Nearly Confirmed For B3?

I've said this many times: BoF (Batman-on-Film) is THE BEST PLACE for Batman anything. Especially film news (the whole film industry knows that). Every reputable website gets legitimate Batman film news from this dude's site (Unless you're at a press conference or you check out Latino Review first--how do they always know?!). I've been going there since January 2005 and have always been one or two up on everyone else. The founder Bill "Jett" Ramey, and his podcast team have posted a discussion detailing the post Jett made a few weeks ago. May 25th he posted this on the site:

That was all he gave us. Then his mother sadly passed away and hindered the news. Until a few weeks ago. June 6th him and the "BoF Roundtablers" talked about many things. They lead it off with Catwoman and the news Jett knows. Hit the jump button for the quotes I got son...

The whole podcast is really interesting. They make a whole lot good points on different things as far as the impending sequel. Here's the link for it if you guys wanna check it out.

Anyway. Here's the quote from the man himself. 
"Let me cut to the chase. I've heard for a while now--in fact I heard whispers of this, back when we were still in the midst of The Dark Knight a few years ago. I've got this from people who are, um... Well just from different people. I'll leave it at that. I've heard that... Catwoman's in the movie; that she is gonna be in Batman 3. And this comes from people that I completely trust. So I'm willing to say based on what they've said, I guess what I usually refer to as "Industry Scuttlebutt", that this is a character that is gonna be in the film. [He finished with] I'm willing to say, based on the people that told me this, that there's a pretty good chance that Catwoman is gonna be in Batman 3."
Alrighty then... Like I said, if you read this, or you personally know me, I'm damn fuckin' reliable. I don't post wild rumors or bullshit on here. Unless it's confirmed news or from legit sources, I don't mess with it. Period. I covered an Emily Blunt speculation before. I made it clear no one really knew shit fa sho, but that it looked weird and hinted towards a possibility. Although Jett did go on to add this:
"I think it's obvious that Catwoman'll be in there, ya know? But this is Chris Nolan we're talkin' about here, the obvious isn't always what happens."
I vouch for this man and his sources. Since 2005 people, and I've never been steered wrong.  
The three of them went on a great length discussing the possibilities of B3. Among some of the things they said, they went back to Catwoman with this gem, "Where's the argument against Catwoman... ?" Valid point made. 

My opinion? She's in. Bruce Wayne is truly lost; now it's Batman's turn to grab a pick-me-up while Bruce fleshes himself out again. He can find a kindred spirit in Catwoman's sense of rogue behavior and lone warriorness. The podcast goes on to talk about how easily that can be justified in the script (if it isn't already). Please hit the link and listen. It's been confirmed by Chris himself, Jonah Nolan (Chris's bro) is in the middle of writing a script right now based off a story Chris and David Goyer wrote.

Mos def keeping you posted now and always on this.

Munki pleasantly out.

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