Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2 Horrible Pieces Of News In 1 Day? Bro... Seriously?

This is no way to wake up. Not even the coffee (and it's good, I made it) can redeem my soul now...

Megan Fox tied the proverbial knot June 24th in Hawaii at the Four Seasons with Brian Austin Green A.K.A "The Longest Running Streak of Luck In The History of Women". Off and on since '04 they made it official and now there's no turning back (Short of an annulment? Am I that lucky?)  She had this to say:
 " We are just even more committed to each other and we always have been. I am more in love with him now than I was in the beginning."
There's still hope. This is Hollywood after all. Nobody really means anything they say or do... Right? ....Right?

(Is he wearing eye-liner?! C'mon!)

Oh wait, I'm not finished reporting the gems of today. 

To top off the (oil) spill of a great news day, one of the greatest TV heroes ever--Michael Scott of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company/Sabre--has resigned and stepped down as head branch manager. The upcoming season, 2010-11 will be his final.

Steve Carell's contract is up with NBC and he has chosen not to renew it. Even though, I'm sure he could have garnered a very lucrative contract with NBC. (Enough to fix the oil spill?) He essentially is the show's flagship. So what now? I heard a while back they wanted to start rotating people out, and new ones in, and keep it going, like a soap. Not such a bad idea, as long as the right people get involved. He went on to say that his fellow cast members are his "Best friends in the world."

Munki, most unpleasantly and disappointingly, out.

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