Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why there's 10 of 'em now (Probably)

There's ten of these things in one category now?
Damn son.

HMMM.... I WONDER WHY? I SAY ALOUD IN FRONT OF TOM SHERAK (President of the AMPAS) AND THE REST WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA. Is it because Wall-E and The Dark Knight got a bukkake of shit worse than the worst German porn? I believe it is. Usually when films get snubbed out for best pic, the Academy doesn't get the kind of backlash it got that January. They practically got out there rain coats and umbrellas and tried looking for George Clooney in wake of how big that shit storm was boy-o.

Why have they all of a sudden, after sixty five years of doing it five's company, are they now going with the ten's a crowd decision? Probably because last years awards was the ALL TIME low for the ceremony and they need to do something before the Nielsen people step in and slap them up. But it does beg the first question: Are there really ten films out there even worthy of it? No. Maybe there are ten, sometimes there's more (but those don't get the marketing and promotion they deserve 'cuz studios can be XL bags of douche). I'll agree with ten real good ones, but after the nitpicking's done with, you just get back down to five, seven maybe.

I mean, doesn't it kind of sound like, "We're going with the top five best candidates for this position. Uh... Well... that is unless a whole bunch of people around the country get super pissed about two other dudes and/or chicks who should have also been in the running. And then we'll just open it up to hell, why not five more people who now will get blown up ego's and undeserving recognition while others get smudged out for the press of the whole debacle! Yeah!"

We'll have to wait and see how this turns out. I've seen four out of ten, and have the other six in pipe ready for me to watch and review the shit out of. So stayed tuned for more. Then I'll get back on the track of which of the ten does and does not deserve arguably the most coveted spot in film for the past eighty three years.

This guy's got the idea. I follow his stuff every now and then, he knows what's up.

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