Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Intel On That Blue Tights Guy

Damn son, this is one of the more smarter moves a studio has come up with in a hot minute.

Let's give it up to Deadline Hollywood for breaking open the good stories lately. Chris Nolan has been brought on board by the Warner Bros. to coach and "Godfather" the new rebooting of the Superman franchise. He'll act as a creative consultant and producer of sorts to help get things off the ground. 

It almost makes complete sense, or is just simply ironic. Only a few months after  2008's box office juggernaut The Dark Knight came out, WB released a statement, uh, stating (lol), they were rebooting the Superman franchise and starting from scratch.(See here for an article)They specifically said, they wanted to go darker and grittier and Batman Begins it. Which now fly's all around Tinseltown when people want to get serious about a character that can easily get campy, fast. 

The move doesn't come to soon either. August '09 saw the rights to Superman's origins and the copyright of Action Comics 1 (the first app. of flyboy) regained by Jerry Siegel's family. Jerry Siegel being the co-creator of Superman himself btw. Warner Bros. still retains enough of the rights to keep Superman on screen, like the S logo, all his powers, main supporting characters and villains (including Lex). But the kicker is, another judge granted the family right-to-sue for royalties on the unmade film, if the Warner Bros. doesn't get Superman into the air by 2011.

Chris Nolan is certainly the go-to guy for taking something down-in-the-dumps and making it powerful, and terrific again. This is exactly what they should be doing if they want to put the solar power power back into the flyguy franchise. They look like they're taking it very seriously, good for them. With Chris Nolan at the helm currently, and his bro Johan Nolan and good buddy David Goyer keyboarding away at a script for B3, looks like things will get busier and busier for him. He'll probably prep Superman until things get rolling with B3 and then take over and get back to work on the Caped Crusader. 

It's damn sick, son. 
Can't friggin' wait. 
Trust in Nolan.
Munki Out.

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