Saturday, February 6, 2010

Warren Sapp Continues To Prove He's A Douche (XXL In his case)

Warren Sapp. Bro, you grab a misdemeanor domestic battery charge on super bowl weekend? WTF mate?

I live in Fl, so from time to time when he was the go to guy for D-lineman on the Bucs--who I don't rep cuz the Giants run through my veins--I'd hear about him. Like, how he'd yell at a barista, or at the waiter or waitress, or that time on Punk'd when he totally didn't play that shit. Which was funny to watch.

And now, the day before the super bowl, @ 5 in the morning no less, he attacks his girlfriend? When he's supposed to be calling the biggest game in sports next to the world cup and the world series?! Bro?! How mad were you? Pretty damn apparently to get deranged at 5 in the a.m. pretending your girl is on the opposite team and you're wearing your football pads again.

Well, actually let's give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, he said she could say there in the first place (There being the Shore Club Hotel). But then, he found out she's been talking to some other cats in the alley. The girlfriend of two years, eventually told her tale to the Miami Beach Police Department while the sun rose. Sapp, supposedly yanked her out of the bed, choked her GTA III pimp style and tossed her right out of the room into the hallway. He told the cops that he was trying to help her and she fell over.

...Really dude? She simply fell over and got back up with a swollen right knee and bruises on the back of her neck?

The NFL has quickly applied the damage control to the situation and removed him from the super bowl coverage team. The NFL Network released a statement saying they were aware of the incident and that Sapp will not appear on the NFL Network until they review the matter. No word yet from Showtime, who provided hm with a clean out from playing the game, and gave him a spot on "Inside The NFL." We'll see where this leads him in the next few days, and how good of a recoil he can make.

Hey, at least it wasn't three hundred disgruntled chicks coming forward, crying to the cameras about how they thought that she was his one and only.

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