Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dear John, You Took Down Avatar

I'd love to review this movie, but I haven't seen it yet. So, in that respect, I won't be making claims about how good or bad the actual movie itself is, because it would be unfair, and make me look like a giant bag (of douche!). So I'll start out with the fact that Avatar's seven week run as the number one box office smash and highest grossing film in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD... is over. (Worldwide box office as of Feb. 7th: $2,204,693,000)

Tippin' my hat to ya Nic (I'm not really wearing one).

Sony scored big this (super bowl) weekend with Dear John's debut, nabbing and est. $32.4 million over 20th Century Fox's $23.6 million with Avatar. I'm sure James Cameron is crying somewhere in a corner. Crying from laughing, that is. He now has the top two highest grossing pics worldwide and domestically, EVER. Avatar then Titanic.

But I digress. Dear John, based off the novel by writer Nicholas Sparks. The guy who made it okay to laugh at the chicks you were watching cry at a movie about a dude who reminds his wife who the hell she is every morning. And why he keeps trying to lay fat wet old kisses on her, (which is also the movie that got Gosling and McAdams romantically entwined in the first place).

Nic Sparks, every, every book, he writes was or will be a movie. Should we applaud him for getting double the money and vessels to tell his stories or should we call him a sell out for getting into bed with the film making business? Sell out? Isn't the (arguable) point of being a
writer to get as famous and successful as you can? And if you define your successes by writing strictly book-to-movie then more power to you. Even if his stuff is better on the page then a 35 mm transfer though....

Sorry, but I've seen what Channing Tatum can do (or can't more precisely). And he can't act his way out a paper bag. But the trailer makes you think otherwise very easily (to the untrained eye of course). Take a look.

Amanda Seyfried, is going places and her resume is boasting a nice looking future with the upcoming film Chole. Hell, to go one on one with Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson is enough to boast to me about. She's got a lot more to offer than the hulky bulky Tatum does any more than a cow does besides the milk and a steak and tipping the damn thing over at night when your drunk in a small boring Texas town (don't ask). But I haven't heard many good things about this film. And you'd expect more out the director who brought you such wonderful films like, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Cider House Rules, Chocolate, even An Unfinished Life was good to me. Well, I'll have to go see this thing, (or bit torrent a shitty cam copy) and let you know truly what this films does or doesn't posses. Peace big homie.
Munki out.

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