Monday, February 8, 2010

Feign Surprise, Bat 3 Is In Writing Pre-Producion

It seems Deadline Hollywood broke the story recently of the newest news to hit the stands about another Batman sequel. To highlight the very quick tid-bit, "[David Goyer] is now writing the third Batman installment with Chris Nolan's brother Jonah."
For months now, it's been made very clear to me, that nothing will happen worth talking about until 10'. Because that's when Chris Nolan launches his follow up to 2008's behemoth and #3 money maker domestically, The Dark Knight. Inception is coming out July 16th, and it looks very cool. But why will we not hear something until this movie comes out or right before you ask? He doesn't line up projects back-to-back. And more importantly, just like 05's Begins, '06 we saw The Prestige and then maybe two weeks later, he announced Heath Ledger as The Joker and the ball got rolling. So it looks like the pattern will be followed unless he just get's tired of all the questions and comes out with it early. 

If he does at all.. Because he honestly said it straight up, he wasn't sure if he'd come back to this thing at all.

For real though, even before The Dark Knight came out, I was the only guy thinking, "How the fuck is he gonna top this movie when it's time for the sequel?" How does anyone top it? My opinion, you don't try, you go smaller, low key and bring the Film Noir element out. Limit the action scenes and make the character driven plots really pop. That doesn't mean you can't have Batman in the thing, 'cuz there's great stories in the comics that come to mind of Batman, just being a detective and not punching people in the face as much. The Long Halloween, comes to mind., As it did with the Nolan Bros. and David Goyer when they were looking for influences on The Dark Knight. But that will never happen, WB approaching the Batman film series with, quieter vision? Yeah, right. They want the summer dollars, and they'll get them either way. But the kicker, is that if I knew this when i did, he already knew this. I'm saying he was thinking ahead and had a plan for number 3 in the pipeline. But then Heath Ledger died and sorta screwed that one up. Because the Joker WAS FA SHO supposed to come back, that was confirmed. 

Now it looks like, things are underway for Team Nolan, unless he doesn't care his bro and the guy who helped write 1&2 are writing another one. And if he doesn't you can be damn sure WB has a short list of guys to lens the next one. But if (when most likely it looks like now) he does come back, he'll be the one dude to helm three Bat movies. And You know he wants to bring it back and close it out for himself. Why go to two out of three? Don't Sam Rami it, come on back and make history again. You know you've got some good ideas about this thing. You're CHRIS NOLAN! Of course you have good ideas. It's all you know how to do son!

I've even heard from guys who don't ever lie, that a certain someone could be coming back for #3. And no, it's not Two-Face buddy....

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