Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Arr! Me Maties! I Spot Me A Hottie!

First, let's just give it up to Penelope, for being such truly beautiful woman.

Second, let's give it up for her being as good an actress as she is gorgeous. 

Third let's give it up for her ditching her recent link to Lars von Trier's in-the-works film, Melancholia. Oh there was a reason. She's booking Pirates 4 bitches.

It seems that Cruz is set to walk on team Disney and cruz out of the boat of Pirates of the Carribean:ON Strangers Tides. The film is reportedly about the foutain of youth and blah blah blah, Jack Sparrow making jokes, and the little monkey doing monkey things (hell yeah) and Geoffory Rush coming back and being a badass. No word yet on the specifics of her role, but all I can gather is she is to be Sparrow’s foil and equal in many ways.”

Rob Marshall now being on board to direct, he's worked with Cruz before. Having just come off a movie, Nine, with Penelope herself, and helping score her a Best Supporting nod from the Academy, why wouldn't get into a franchise that's now over a billion dollars+ around the world and starring Johnny Depp?

It makes sense That Disney is trying to fill some shoes though. With Keira Knightly and orlando Bloom out of the picture, they have some spots to fill. Of course, that's why I heard a while back, that Russell Brand (English rock star in Forgetting Sara Marshell) was being brought on board to be the brother to none other than Sparrow himself. But that was many months ago, and I haven't heard squatt since. 

We'll see where this leads us and when they round out the cast and with who else and all the other news and blah blah blah this whole franchise is about money. Whore with noe soul please stand up? 

But we'll see. I still like the first one the best, the other two.... eh, excuses really, and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY tooooooooo complicated. Here's hoping for something better next time around.
Munki out.

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