Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scenes That Are Dope: Blade In The Blood Club

This is by far, one of the freshest, most interesting, get's you hooked and reeled in, atmospheric and mood establishing, pulse pounding openers for a film, ever. Mos def.

Favorite kill: Punch to the face, steak to the heart, kick to the head sent into the glass and finally electrocuted by the lightbulb.

And watch for the guy getting the BJ. Who's the other dude sitting next to him watching?! What's he doing?!

Here's the Blood Club opener for '98's Blade.

All hail Wesley.
The song is a remix by the 80's/90's/2000 post punk/alternative dance group New Order. Comprised of members of the great band Joy Division. They put out the song "Confusion " in 83 and it firmly established them on the scene of dance. The remix can also be found as, Blood Rave, or New Order Confusion Blade Remix.

And yes, that chick driving was Tracy lords, the porn star.

Munki out.

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