Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cover Your Mouth When You Sneeze Fool!

When you hear, Matt Damon,  Jude Law, Marion Cotillard, and Kate Winslet are all being directed by Steven Soderbergh, do you even give shit what the damn movie is about? I don't either! But knowing makes it all the better... 
Steve's plunging into a new script by The Informant scribe, Scott Z. Burns called Contagion, a viral outbreak thriller. Word is it'll be in the same vein as Traffic, the 2000 multiple award winner, including, 4 Academy Awards with best script, supporting for Benicio del Toro, editing and a gold best director statue for Soderbergh. That movie was insanely good and innovative. If he's going back to that kind of  life behind the camera, then I'm all ears and eyes for this shit big hommie.

Apparently, the words is that work on the script kicked off when, while making The Informant!, a scene in which Damon’s character complains about a sneeze lead to a conversation “dissecting the topic of germs and how the nature of a virus could be used to deal with “issues of sovereignty” and as a metaphor for the way “information and misinformation travel” in contemporary society.” That, plus the Swine Flu outbreak last year, led to a script that spans four continents during the viral outbreak.

Sodergergh abandoned the previous film idea, with Damn and Michael Douglas (who's shaping up for a big screen come back after a few good under-the-radar indie roles), Liberance, but he'll get back to that and shoot in early 2011. 

Stoked about this flick, let's get sick everybody!! (Not really. I hate germs they suck.)

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