Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is Jon Hamm Really Gonna be Superman?

Like I've previously stated if you read this damn thing: I don't do rumors. And I don't do speculation.
I do facts--reported news. Not nonsensical mind-wandering film-sites do to attract readers. That Catwoman piece was legit and a real think-tank kinda story. With a lot of backing and trustworthy sources and facts behind it.

A Very Nice Juxtapose And Evidence
This Needs To Become Reality

That being said, a few months ago it was reported WB wanted Jon Hamm (The Town, Mad Men) badly for Supes in the reboot being produced by the great and powerful Chris Nolan. And now those things are making their rounds again.

Via Cinematical (Well, their opting for more of a question of whether he could do it, but still acknowledge the news) and Latino Review.The skinny is the same old story. Warner Bros. is in a tail-spin trying to nail down the right actor to bring in the next movie with real prestige, some say the series has been been garbage since Superman 2. I loved the atmosphere, the heartening journey and the emotional complex of Lane, Kent and Spacey being awesome in Singer's Returns. I love that whole thing beginning to end. I said then, and still say Routh wasn't the guy, simply because he still looked he was still waiting for his second puberty to hit with hair on his chest. He even refused the muscle suit (which was admirable) but didn't bulk up like he promised either. Asshole. Superman. Is. A. MAN! Does this look like Superman to you? Naw son. By the way, check out the podcast that picture if from. Skip to the 20:00 minute mark. They even mention Jon Hamm as the best candidate for Supes.

Why not Hamm? Where's the argument against using him, against anyone better suited? Yeah, take a second. He's got Emmy, Golden Globes (One win) and SAG nom's for Best Actor In A Dramatic Role For Mad Men. He's got the chops, I can attest to that with every my actor's bone in ma little body. He's got the jaw, the cheek bones, the hair, the build better than any actor before (Fuck Dean Cain). Give this guy a few months to get 20-25 more pounds of solid muscle and shred-up, you're gonna shit yourself when you see him in that blue-ass suit son.

Besides, he's already got two pics lined up with WB (who own Supe's film rights), and produced under their banner Legendary Pictures, who produced both Nolan's Bat films. So he's already got a good working relationship and business track-record with them. Speaking of Nolan and his work on this, here's an interesting gem about his and writer/collaborator Goyer's angle on reviving the property from Nolan himself:
"He basically told me, 'I have this thought about how you would approach Superman.' I immediately got it, loved it and thought: That is a way of approaching the story I’ve never seen before that makes it incredibly exciting. I wanted to get Emma [Thomas] and I involved in shepherding the project right away and getting it to the studio and getting it going in an exciting way… A lot of people have approached Superman in a lot of different ways. I only know the way that has worked for us that’s what I know how to do."
Jonah Nolan Chris' brother is supposedly working with Goyer on the script, and of course Chris will be dropping in his own thoughts with it as well. I'm leave it at that not to spoil a few things I know with the story.

But trust me, it's not gonna end up like this. Geez, did no one stop to say, "Maybe Richard Pryors star pwoer isn't the rihgt thing to inject into this film." I dunno who care's it's over and this one is gonna be epically fan-fucking-tastic.

On another note Hamm is turning 40 next March, Reeves was TWENTY-Fuckin'-SIX.

So was Routh in the '06 film. Kirk Alyn was 38 when he starred in the original serial. So was George Reeves when he starred in the hit TV show. Bud Collyer was fifty-fuckin'-eight! when he played the role for The New Adventures of Superman in the 60s.

Tom Cruise is nearly 50 and look what he was doing with Knight & Day. Hell, Harrison For was 65 when he filmed Indy 4! Sixty. Five. Age is only a number, not a feeling. I preach this because as much the internet is blowing up in excitement about this, there are of course, a few haters out there I've encountered recently that don't agree with a man, playing Superman. Go figure. All I'm sayin' is that I'm obviously very down for this project to become reality with Jon "The Man" Hamm in it as Clark Superman Kent.

We won't be hearing things about this for quite a while though, as there is no set script, or even a director yet. So we've got some time to kill. He recently made a comment to MTV about it, "It's a tricky road to go with some of those heroes, because they're not flawed. Superman's Superman, he's invincible. So where's the drama?" Eh. . . Doesn't sound too enthused. But maybe it's a ploy and he's already got gears moving with Nolan and Co. I'm he now's their involved and trusts them completely. Right? Well maybe he'l be more interested in Lex Luthor perhaps?


Hamm's schedule isn't exactly full either, with two upcoming project's in post, he's got nothing coming up he's signed on for. I'm sure that's gonna change, and of course he has Don Draper to deal with on Mad Men with that filming schedule too.

I'll mos def be keepin' you tree-readin' suckas posted on this son. But don't hold your breath. . .
Or you'll fuckin' die.

Munki excitedly out.

P.S. I know Supes is cool and everything but look at what Batman can do!


Okay, now this Munki s out.

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