Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aronofsky To Direct Wolverine Sequel?

With things in place for a story and script, all that's set is a director to helm the vision of Wolverine on screen once more. And after the disappointing drivel that was action heavy and brain-light X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it's safe to say that Gavin Hood won't be invited to Japan (the setting of the new movie and comic book arch they're basing it off of). It was disappointing to watch that train wreck itself too, considering Tsotsi and Rendition were real good films.

But now Deadline Hollywood has the skinny on the next move for the franchise. Could Darren Aronofsky have the chair to himself? Hit the jump button to read more and him and David Slade (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) in the running.

Robert Schwentke of the upcoming comic book adap. Red was also in contention for the movie as well but he since removed his name in favor of other things. Good, one less for Fox and Jackman to choose over with Arronofsky now in the mix. There are a boat load of people out there who really don't want him to tackle this project.

Some calling it a stain on his resume'. For one, look at the last installment, who's to say Fox won't lean hard on Darren too and have it come out that bad again. But he's no Gavin Hood, he's Darren "The Fuckin' Man (Who Bagged Rachel Weisz)" Arronofsky. They'll leave him be, especially with all his good steam coming out of Venice right now where his film, The Black Swan premiered to rave acclaim. Some calling it his masterpiece, taking that mantel away from Requiem For A Dream. Which is one hell of a fuckin' thing to say.

I'm not too sure that we'll see him taking this one on, the only thing us fans have going for our hopes is that him and Jackman have worked together before with Aronfsky's wife on The Fountain back in 2006. That film was awesome and dazzling by the way. Hugh Jackman pretty much solely has the decision making ability on this project as far as a diretor goes I learned months ago. But Niki Finke from Deadline expands on that in her piece:
"On the X-Men: Wolverine 2 front, 20th Century Fox is between David Slade and Darren Aronofsky, I'm told. Slade, who just directed the summer hit The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, met over the weekend with Hugh Jackman on location where he is shooting Real Steel for DreamWorks. Aronofsky has also been talking with Jackman, and they have a good relationship that dates back to The Fountain, when Jackman stepped in after Brad Pitt dropped out. Jackman holds a lot of clout in the decision and while Aronofsky has some momentum of his own because of Black Swan, I'd say Slade has the edge. He is coming off a big summer movie with large-scale effects, which makes the studio comfortable."
Oh word. Guess she didn't see The Fountain and all that one had to offer as far as effects and wonderment. . . Suppose we'll just to wait and see if Hugh can convince Darren to take this on. Which is probably the best way to say it. I liked 30 Days Of Night, but I wasn't so enthusiastic about Eclipse. I'm hoping Slade had no room to breathe between studio pressure from Summit and Melissa Rosenburg's unfortunately faithful and unoriginal script. But he didn't try making up for that with unique camera set-ups and takes with the actors or his environment either so. . . I'm hoping for Darren but I'll take anyone as long as this get's made to be honest. Christopher McQuarrie went uncredited for 2000's X-Men as a writer, because he's a script-doctor who comes in a polishes up a draft right at the end. So they hired him for this next installment. Which takes place in Japan during one of the most celebrated story arch's for Wolvy by himself. Written by legend Frank Miller. 

That's all we've got on my front, I'll be following this day-to-day until we've got a director. 

Keep those fingers (or claws) crossed. 

Munki curiously and scrutinizingly out. 

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