Thursday, September 16, 2010

Halo Reach "Reaches" (Pun Intended) 200 Milly First day of Sales/Microsoft Still In the Business Of Making The Movie

The Halo Franchise is one that certainly keeps the heads on the pillows of Microsoft big-wigs at night. Sleeping tenderly. First day of sales--200 milly son. Which, if you think about, isn't that impressive considering that the standard version of the game is $60 and the deluxe version is a buck fifty ($150). This report comes via the pimps over at /Film.

They also have a nice little break down of how the ticket sales to video figures out-weigh by ten fold. Read it, it's cool. In total revenue for the out-of-this-world gaming series (yes, another pun), the games have sold over 34 million copies worldwide. To date all Halo merchandise has grossed more than $1.7 billion.

Woooooo boooooyyyyeeeee! Crapped maself. (Diapers)

But wait! There's more!

Now, onto the film front. years ago, when people were itching and scratching in anticipation over the film transfer, the people's champ was Neil Blomkamp. Yes, the great dude who who $30 million and made aliens and space ships come to life and fight South American private military guys in slum camps. District 9 made over 200 hundred million clams. So what he was doing before that, was prepping his Halo film. For five months. Everyday. At the crack. He'd get up, and go to work on pre-pre-production. This is the short that won him the prize of ushering in the film:


New Addition To The Team, Skull Spartan.
Three separate action shorts were combined and directed by Blomkamp to give us the final product that was that short, Landfall. It was a promo to advertise for Halo 3 back in '07.  Sadly, funding fell through on it. Even with Peter Jackson in the mix. Damn son. . .

Frank O' Conner, the franchise’s development director for Microsoft, had this to say as of last week on the game's film transfer:
"We’re still interested in making an excellent ‘Halo’ movie. We’ve created an awful lot of documentation and materials to support a feature film. We have a good idea of what kind of story we want to tell, but won’t move on it until there’s a great reason to do it. We’re in no particular hurry."
He also went on to say that it would not be “a verbatim retelling of the game”, but would instead function as a standalone story. Via Variety, the scripts written by Stuart Beattie, Alex Garland (28 Days Later…, Never Let Me Go), and D.B. Weiss & Josh Olson are still being developed as “potential blueprints”, and the company is eager to produce a film “when a budget and plotline can be worked out”.

So until then we've got these gems. This one is the way I wanna see the film done. The live-action trailer for Halo: ODST. Which came out last September.


That's what I'm talkin' about soooooooon. This one is for Halo Reach. It isn't too exciting but just watch, it's all good baby.

Welp. That's all I got for ya tree-readin' suckas for now. I'll be keeping my eye on this. But, don't hold your breath. Or you'll die.

Munki out and waiting in anticipation.

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  1. They should make a movie about the books!
    The fall of reach. It shows how the Spartans came to be. And it doesn't actually follow the same characters as the game. Plus it is just a REALLY GOOD STORY THAT NO ONE HAS PUT INTO FILM OR GAME BEFORE.