Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two Confirmed For Mission Impossible 4

Things are certainly moving for producers Tom and JJ Abrams on the next installment of the Mission Impossible franchise. Via Movieweb and /Film we got the final rounds of casting in place. First we know that Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg are coming back on board.

And I already told you about how they nabbed animation director, legend and TWO TIME OSCAR WINNER Brad Bird. Well, I wasn't too sure it was official when I wrote that story but then it got confirmed soon after and I just forgot to shoot out the update 'cuz shit was poppin' off back then. Anyway, now we've got the last two vital roles that round out the new direction the franchise is headed in. Paula Patton (Precious) and Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker). Both from two Best Pic contenders at the Oscar's earlier this year, with THL taking that cake unfortunately.

But wait! There's more!

Cruise and Abrams have been working on a hot idea their real excited about for a little while now. And if Tom Cruise and JJ Abrams are poppin' movie boners over stuff, you should be too. But too bad for Cruise, with the under performance of Knight And Day Paramount got happy feet about whether Cruise could hold the expensive installment together all by himself as usual. Even going so far as to have him take a pay cut! For the one's that don't know, Cruise's money and deals in Tinseltown are legendary, so that in itself is a big fuckin' deal. Cruise alone has generated over 3 billion to Paramount over the years, guess it's hard to say it's only business and nothing personal. Apparently not for Sumner Redstone (Owner of Viacom, owner of a lot of shit including Paramount). It's to bad people don't follow Hollywood as widely as sports, than they'd be excited just knowing Abrams is in control with Brad Bird directing and that'd be enough. So they reworked a few things and after rigorous casting rounds for another male and female team member, they got what they wanted.

First up, Jeremy Renner. Comin' hot off the heels of the wrongfully chosen Best Pic winner and total fabrication of what really happens over their from the mouth of my Marine buddy who serves over there, The Hurt Locker. He got a nom for best actor and I do agree with that one. Hell, back in '03 when I saw him in SWAT I knew he really had something to offer, but sadly other's didn't think so. Then I saw him again, toting guns and gear in 28 Weeks Later and again enjoyed my experience with him. So I'm excited about this guy, watching his career shrink and grow and now he's in the best kinda spot for himself: a JJ and Cruise production. Nice bro, real nice. Abrams himself is one of the busiest buys in Hollywood today, producing and directing the shit outa everything and now he's working closely with Spielberg too. Renner will be playing the up-starting IMF (Impossible Mission Force) agent under Cruise's tutelage.

Nikki Finke from Deadline had this to say about his casting:
"The studio has struggled to find the right co-star to play an operative opposite Cruise, and one factor was to selecting an actor who could potentially carry the series, should Cruise’s Ethan Hunt character not continue to be the emphasis. While Cruise is expected to return for a fifth installment, production chief Adam Goodman wanted a guy who could grow into a leading man in his own right. Actors like Tom Hardy and Star Trek’s Chris Pine were considered, but were booked. Goodman, sources said, felt Renner “has a Daniel Craig quality” that the studio chief liked."
Alrighty son. I like that, I like Renner, I like where this is going. Now we got the other cog in this massive machine: Paula Patton.

Just take a look at her. . .  Hold that gaze gentleman (and ladies if you're so inclined). JEE-ZUS!

If she looks familiar, it's cuz you might have saw her in '06's Déjà Vu, or last years Precious as a school teacher to precious herself where she gathered a grassroots campaign to get her a Best Supporting nom at the Oscars. That didn't work, but it's nice to know that not only can this candy for the eye be terrific candy in deed, but it can also dazzle us with nicely executed acting as well.

Testing against the likes of Kristin Kreuk (Smallville), Lauren German (Hostel: Part II), thank God they got passed up for not only a hotter chick, but one who seriously knows her craft. Her role in the film is of a young operative who works with Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt character. Pretty much in the vein of Maggie Q in the last one, let's hope it's not the Keri Russell path with her getting her head internally exploded after barely ten minutes of screen time.

Welp, that's all I got for ya tree-readin' suckas on this. Oh yeah, it starts shooting this fall in location such as U.S., Vancouver, Prague and Dubai with a date set for this puppy to drop on December 16th, 2011.

I'll be shooting you set vids and pics when they surface.

Munki out.

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