Monday, September 13, 2010

Saoirse Ronan And James Gandolfini 2/3's of 'Violet & Daisy'

Violet & Daisy is a teenage hit girls movie about, well, a pair of teenage hit girls. Via /Film Writer and recent Oscar winner for his adp. screenplay for Precious, Geoffrey Fletcher, has penned the script and will step into the shoes of a first time director as well.

Gandolfini and Ronan are the only two confirmed for the project, with two rumored actresses taking the part of the other teenage killer.

After he finished writing his Precious adaptation he began work on Violet & Daisy. The only info regarding the actual plot I've got for you guys is this little gem via Variety:
centers on a pair of teenage assassins who are lured into what is supposed to be just another quick and easy job, only to find complications as the man they’re supposed to kill is not what they expected.”
September 27th in New York is the start date for filming. Like I said in the title of the post, Gandolfini is the target and Ronan is one of two assassins. Supposedly Bruce Willis was attached in Gandolfini's role, but dropped. Danny Trejo (Machette) had a part as well and it appears he's till on board. 

Carey Mulligan (An Education, Never Let Me Go) was attached as the other hit-girl but there's no word on whether or not she's still in. She got FOUR projects set to drop in 2012 so I doubt she'll have the time to fit this in in the next two weeks, or maybe so if all she's doing is making the rounds, promoting Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps

As that may be, her rumored replacement is Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls fame and also as the teenage hooker with a few good lines in Sin City. Teenage hit girl huh? She's 29 on Thursday by the way. We'll see what comes of this but it's gonna be very soon. So don't fret you tree-readin' suckas, I'll be back with sum news on this. 

Munki excitedly out.

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