Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Transformers 3 Set Pics And Vids

Via, via /Film, here's a few vids and pics for you tree-readin' suckas. There's filming Loud Noises And Quickly Moving Objects 3: A Michael Bay Film right now in Chicago. Cities love that shit, cuz it generates so much revenue into the city providing jobs to city workers and stimulates the fuck out thier economy. The Dark Knight shot it Chi-town and got it almost 40 milli if I remember correctly, and I always do.

Hit the jump button for more and some vids too.

Michael Bay Dot Com In Chicago from Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

Some of these are pretty cool, some weren't, so I'm giving you the cooler footage. Explosions and running with guns and loud noises... His specialty. Woe, did I just compliment him? Oh no...

This is usually what they do when using CGI characters, it's a focus point for the actors to engage with.

Here's another vid of some cool shots.

There's English model Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley, the new female lead and love interest to Shia's Sam Witwicky.with no acting chops whatsoever, which means Bay will focus less on her and more on the film. Or maybe I'll eat ma goddamn shoe in surprise if she really can pull off her set of lines. yeah for those of you who didn't know this, Megan "The Appropriately Named" Fox is no longer involved with this stuff. Recent reports say she quit cuz Bay was a douche to her. Some people are sticking with the story that she got axed. I'm with the former argument, even though I blogged about both.

Is it really that necessary to have a (albeit extremely hot) female lead in a film with giant robots beating the shit out of each other with military jet, tanks, boats and guys running around and bolwing shit the fuck up? For 2 hours?! That's not enough?! With a few badly spliced in jokes and one-liners during action you can't ask for more than a badly placed sex scene. But I'm not saying I won't take some hot chick in the film, I'm just saying, it's not the make or break, this next one s still gonna make mega bucks, regardless of Fox's involvement.

Sorry 'bout the rant. Here's another vid I like. This vid cites her as Mikaela banes, she's NOT the replacement. This isn't James Bond. She's an entirely new love interest.

Anyway. Cool stuff no? I know it was. Keep you posted on the newest installment of...


Munki out.

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