Friday, July 9, 2010

'Welcome To The Rileys' Trailer Drops

I first heard about this months ago, when it debuted at Sundance and made a huge splash with audiences in the pool of cool. Director Jake Scott was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize for Most Dramatic Film. I'm in love with The Sopranos, it may very well be the best show in the history of television. I'll argue that everyday I have left on earth. The best for a lot of reason, most notably, Gandolfini. (Do geeks like him because Gandolf is in his name? Is that good street cred with the Tolkin fans?)

 Anyway, the fuckin' trailer dropped today and then I dropped a deuce in ma pants! (Good thing I wear diapers) I-Hate-My-Life-Stewart is making all the right moves (not the silly Cruise movie) in her career outside of the bubblegum fantasy that enabled her to do so.
I am a most pleased analyst following her from film to film, to tween-scream-queen-madness-extravaganza, back to film again. This trailer is proof I picked a good youngin' to watch grow and grow 'til she's done with the game.

Kristen Stewart plays Mallory, a sixteen year-old stripper. James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo play a couple grieving over the loss of their daughter named the Rileys.

I'll be keeping you posted on anything new, but the only other thing you should know is this is coming out November 5th.

Munki pleasantly out.

P.S. I don't really wear diapers or have poo-poo problems 

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