Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Offered Female Lead In TF3

That's right kids! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been offered the new love interest in Loud Noises 3: A Michael Bay Film. If you've been following the blog, or the story, you'll remember about the little piece I wrote concerning the initial news outbreak, Fox was no longer in the franchise. 

But wait! There's more!

Sucks 'bout Megan. Let's take a second to morn... ... ...

Recently I was trailing the trades, looking for news, and found this. I found that by the end of it, I happened to agree with a lot of the shit he was saying. He ended it by saying the franchise died because Fox was no longer involved. Naw son... They're (cast, crew and Dreamworks/Paramount's pockets) gonna be just fine. 

And now, words has it, per Deadline and /Film that Rosie-Huntington has the offer on the table, and the short list of other chicks has been tossed out. She read for the role last Friday, so Michael saw her test and apparently she's enough. But good enough? Maybe... 

Mike's shot for Victoria's Secret a few times, so he's a got a good enough handle on who he liked out of it, I suppose. I'm told Bay has worked with Rosie herself on few different V.S. campaigns. Although, I still think sans Fox is still a misstep, the sad fact is that people are watching these movies for the giant robots beating the fuck out of each other. Megan was just a really nice bonus 'cuz she was way hotter than your average mega-movie-eye-candy. 

If you find yourself wanting more than just these two photos, then you can check this out. Rosie as a model has a whole slue of things under her belt, all the top of the line kinda work you want to grab as a super-model., and as of 2010, an official Victoria's Secret Angel. Yeah, sure, she got caught with a pretty cool looking pipe in her hand (smokin' weed). But, besides the fact the everyone and their parents have did that, it doesn't mean shit when other models do coke, heroin and all kinds of pills. 

I managed to find short vid (of what looks like very limited range) of her acting. 

Here's another with her being interviewed.

Hmm... Well, time can only tell, but I'm sure I won't get swept away by her ability to run along side Labeuof. All her role requires is two or three witty sentences, her screaming voice, and powerful calfs and quads. Megan just did it with a little bit of "Go fuck yourself", which made it all the sexier. She's supposedly on her way to becoming a big damn deal in the world of modeling already, so this can only help. Compared to Kate Moss (in the best kinda way I hear), among others. 

She's got two weeks to go til the scenes she has are gonna be shot, so maybe Bay might cut her. Or this press release is a test-the-waters kinda thing, and they'll offer it to someone else if public reaction is bad. It does beg the question though: Why the fuck would you go with a model, when there's a shit-ton of qualified actresses out there, who could do some real justice to the role. or maybe no self-respecting actress would dare touch Bay and his empty female lead 'cuz the character sucks for an actor in all reality?

Keeping you updated on the latest and greatest news, your one and only Munki. 

What about you tree-readin' suckas? 
Banana milkshake time? 

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