Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Preview: Dinner For Schmucks

Jay Roach, the man behind the Austin Powers and Meet The Parents series. Now he turns his attention to top reining comedy dudes, Paul Rudd and the great, the wonderful, the only... Steve Carrel.  

Dinner For Schmucks looks lively, looks promising, and looks fun as fuck. Let's hope it is everything it's promises.

Based originally off the (probably better) French film, The Dinner Game, which in turn was based off the play, Le Dîner de Cons, the film follows Rudd's character as he tries to grab his promotion by bringing the biggest schmuck to his boss's dinner. he finds that schmuck in Carrel and hilarity no doubt ensues. BTW, filming of the dinner scene took place at the same location as was used for Wayne Manor in the Batman television series.

Paul and Steve have worked together twice now, 40 year Old Virgin and Anchorman (which also just got denied a sequel... Damn).  Jay Roach is a more than capable director, but he's too slap-stick, physical for me somtimes. There were a few beats he had the right notes in with Parents and Fockers, so let's see what he brings to the table for this one. He just got off winning an Emmy for the HBO film Recount in '08 staring Kevin "The Spectacular" Spacey.

Okay. Here's the trailer displaying everything I don't like about Jay Roach films. But when you have Carrel and Rudd bouncing lines off each other... C'mon dude, how do you sit there with a Grumpy-Guss face?

Comin' @cha this Friday nigga! Go see it!

Munki out.

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