Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Catwoman Robberies in NYC? Hit The Batsignal Gordon!

When you walk into a high-end shoe store in Manhattan, spend a half an hour poking around, all WHILE WEARING A CAT MASK--you deserve the money if someone doesn't put together how sketchy that is.

This is the (most awesome and appreciated) sketch by a police artist of the woman. She eventually approached the counter after a thirty minutes of practically loitering and presented a note claiming she had a gun, and asked for the money. She grabbed $86 bucks in cash, stuffed it in her purse, and calmly exited the store.


The next day, she pulled another daring heist at a beauty shop. She got $500 bones all to herself.  

The police have zero leads.

She's allegedly been linked to 2 other robberies in Queens, and a 9 West shoe store from last year.

Honestly, this is the kinda stuff that get's geeks involved with their cosplay costumes, and before you know it, you have two ordinary citizens running around, causing mischief, making people laugh, and being intention badasses, by accident. Sorta. Ya know? Lol. I'd love to see some real life Kick Ass.

Good looks to CBS News on this.

Munki out.

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