Wednesday, July 28, 2010

'Justice League Online' Trailer Drops

The new trailer for this thing just dropped suckas. And it's 6 minutes of awesome. At Comic-Con, Sony Online Entertainment released a six minute cinematic trailer for the upcoming DC Universe Online. In a way, this might be the closest look at what a Justice League of America movie is gonna be like.

George Miller tried a few years ago, nearly had a complete cast in place and some pre-production done, but the whole thing got such back lash from fans and Warners was nervous about making one in the middle of franchises like Batman and Superman going on. So they pulled the plug. Good thing too, it would been, well, not the right damn time. Not the right damn actors, director, anything really.

Cool eh? Eh?! Yeah?!! I know...Sweet. This a role playing game similar to WOW or something like that. You can't control any of the heroes or villains, but you can choose to be a hero or villain and start your career down the path of, whichever the hell one you choose. This is for Windows or PS3 I've been told. Sounds cool enough, it's like GTA for superheros. Nice.

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