Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Jailed for 3 Months,3 Months Rehab After

It was the best performance of her career some have said. It was all tears and gasps in the court room that day for Lohan.

Beverley Hills judge Marsha Revel handed down 3 separate counts of 30 day sentences, totaling 90 days in a row for Lohan. After which she is lawfully required to attend a 90 day, in-patient, substance abuse program.
Violating your parole terms is a silly thing to do son. Especially when the evidence yous kipped, is all over the world in TV and photos. Right?

Ya lost Fucko!

She says, she never does anything like that, as far as missing the classes goes. She missed all 7 of her  court-mandated alcohol-education classes. She said, "I've been taking it seriously..." Then immediately proceeded to sniffle and gaggle in tears. The judge was originally prepared to have her surrender right there in court. Her lawyer asked for two weeks, "You Honor" agreed.

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Referring to her counseling sessions she was court ordered to attend, the judge had this to say:
"I was tired of reading she basically comes and goes when she feels like it."
A SCRAM bracelet (alcohol monitoring system) is required for her to wear until she's received by the jail on July 20th, 8:30 a.m.

In a completely retarded but related story, she also had this on her middle finger, attempting to stand up to The Man.

Good looks to CBS News once again, and MTV.

Munki out.

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