Monday, July 12, 2010

She's No Different Then Optimus Prime

Is one single chill sesh--and we didn't even apply the word date--with this chick really that much to ask?

Judging from the track record, it apparently hasn't changed as the mysterious answer still eludes me years later. 

And at that--is getting back to someone, even more excruciating, rather then practically blowing them off?

A single text would make me happy.

If Me + You = Around 30 minutes or so of chill time is too much to ask then don't act so happy to see me. Going out of your way to flag me down on the street (more than once), and make yourself seem so open, so down to chill. Giving me smiles, subtle touching, laughing and giggling at all my stuff, practically dripping with a need to have me all to yourself. I know what I'm feelin' when your around. You're more flirty between the two of us then I ever attempt to be.

Goddammit. Seriously... A cup a coffee, or some Chinese food together, isn't all that bad (and practically your idea)... Or at least, she makes it seem like it's all such a good idea. That is, until, she feels it isn't anymore.

Who-the-fuck-really-knows syndrome sets in, yet again... It prompts a memory of the man with black eyes saying to himself: 
      "All the familiar places..."
 But I'll say this too. Michael Bay needs to scoop her up quick. (He's filming TF3 right now actually) 'Cuz it's more then meets the eye with her. Like a lonely yellow old Camero... it's not. You're getting something different then what she presents you. And before you know it, it's fighting another super-car/alien robot.

And YOU! You Foster City Slut! If you're readin' this... Well... it means you're fuckin' pathetic. (Which makes the pity I have for you swell to an unimaginable size)

Get a life. You can't have mine anymore. 

Munki out.

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