Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Twilight = Spoiled Brats? Paycheck Problems Hold Up Last Installment

Short of the A list directors and then the Bill Condon story about these great talents stepping into the Twilight realm, I refuse to blog about this fad, bubble gum crap. But this developing story is worth it to me.

These two wieners featured to my right, who are supposedly dating but that doesn't mean shit to me, might find themselves up shit creek without a paddle surrounded by piling bills.

The news breaking over the web via The Hollywood Reporter is that some deals are still not in place for some of the supporting cast members, i.e., Kellen Lutz and Ashley Greene.

Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen "I hate my life" Stewart are all locked down, with bigger checks. Lautner himself garnering he biggest kid salary today with 7.5 milli a film. In the 40's 50's and 60's, talent got you everything, looks were secondary. Today? (James Cann voice from Mickey Blue eyes) Forget about it! 

Both Twilight dads are in place with Bella's cop father (Billy Burke) Charlie Swan and the head of the Cullens, Carlisle Cullen played by a most lucky Peter Facinelli. But supposedly the last two are these guys. Kellen has some flimsy deal in place to head up a film with Samuel L. Jackson, which of course means it probably won't be spectacular, more so then a big attempt at something and miss. I don't know what Ashley Greene is up to, but as a Cullen, dating her "brother" in the film and in real life, I know she's important as Bella's best friend in the books/films. Summit has no official comment but a source close to the story has been quoted with this gem:
"We may have a situation where one of them is thrown out on the street to make a point."
I wouldn't step lightly around that quote. Lest we forget? Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria the bad bitch), who got canned after not clearing a scheduling conflict with Summit AND THEN asked for more money. So they got Bryce Dallas Howard, who is worth every penny, period. Nice. The Reporter goes on to say that offers from Summit -- which are said to be at least 10 times what the actors made on the first movie -- were deemed "offensive" given the mega-money the franchise has generated. Do these kids understand that the first film was a mere 40 million dollar budget, which includes EVERYONE'S CHECKS before gross participation. These films are getting more expensive every time they come out. Sure Summit is blowing up fast with all he goods they from The Hurt Locker, and all this crap from the Bubblegum whores. But in today's economy, which doesn't really seem to be effecting Tinseltown actually, you can't EF around with the money son! To be perfectly honest, it would be nice to see these two get squashed out of the franchise, take the power back studio! But Ashley Greene is good at what she's done already. Lutz? Eh.... So until this clears up, the studio isn't sure if it can move on a fifth film, and might condense it into a giant fouth. But Condon is signed for two films, supposedly filming back-to-back for 2011 fall and '12 summer releases. 

We'll see what happens with all this mess. If I hear someone got rocked off the boat, I'll tell you. If not, I wouldn't hold your breath. 

Munki Out.  


  1. Those PEOPLE are older than you. Stop being so condescending, Munki. Maybe they were being dealt the shit end of the stick! You never know for sure!

    -Bunni OUT dis hizzie

  2. It would SUCK if Ashley Greene, "Alice" gets the boot because she is a perfect fit, & plays such a larger role now, that if you switch it up it will just be a weird bummer. BDH, yes please. WOULD BE THE PERFECT Victoria. all the fuckin way. Got the face, the hair, the acting chops. Done! Where do I sign?.... to uh... wait til the film comes out to see her.

    -Bunni out