Friday, May 21, 2010

Love Ranch Trailer Dropped Suckas (Staring Pesci As well As Mirren)

Yo son! All you tree-readin' suckas out there... The trailer for Taylor Hackford's new film, featuring his hot-ass wife (that's right) Helen Mirren, and Joe Pesci is out and ready for service. The film is about the notorious Mustang Ranch, Nevada's first licensed brothel opened in 1971. More to the point, the film is about married couple Joe and Sally Conforte who opened the brothel and tested themselves in numerous cases of infidelity.

This is like, some film geek's dream team or something, Joe Pesci?! Yeah son! Guy is the man, no doubt. But him staring with Helen Mirren? Hoooo Booooooyyy...

Okay, orgasm done. Here's the trailer. And it's awesome (and complete with pink border). 

Doesn't that look sweet?! After a visit to the new Mustang Ranch in 2008 Mirren announced, "I am a complete believer in legal brothels." I'll be sure to give you any updates on this, most likely sweet set pics or PR photo stills from the film. Coming to you on limited release June 30th.

Munki Out.

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