Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Review: Law Abiding Citizen

There was a point in this film, where I sat back, and literally said to myself aloud, "Ho-ley. Shit. I am fucking im-pressed." I agree with Gray's approach to this film, or maybe it was Butler's producer cred that was artisically injected? But that only lasted so long. Dammit. Now I remembered why I followed my instincts, and put the movie off, forgetting eventually it even existed. Recently I had a few friends tell me, they saw it and it was "Awesome dude." "Fuckin' sweet man!" Eh, okay, worth checking out to see what's really good. Not much really; if you can't get passed the Swiss as much as I couldn't.

This movie is a solid piece of legal thriller/suspense. There are holes in this plot, or, why-the-fucks, as I like to call them. How terribly convenient is it that the evidence is tampered with by accident courtesy of forensics. Leading to the rapist/killer going to jail for a mere 3 years, while the dude just snatchin' and grabbin' get's merked out with a most lethal injection. Or that you strip down naked, just to show off your faded 300 muscles? How convenient is it that-- Well, let's just say that there's a few things like that gem that exist in this movie. And it ruins all credibility. But let's be honest, a lot films have that going for them as well. At least this film makes a good attempt at keeping it classier than the average Swiss cheese celluloid.

When your boss dies, and you grab a promotion, do you smirk in I can't believe it-ness? I guess so. As smart as this film tries to be, it's equally as silly. That's the most apt description I can make of it. Butler does have the chief line of dialogue though, summing up the film's transmission:
"Well that's how winners play. We convince the other guy he's makin' all the right moves. "
The ending is cheap although Clyde (Butler) does Jokerize Nick (Fox) in a sense, making him the ultimate hypocrite. Also providing him with a "Cool guys don't look at explosions" move.

My father likes legal thrillers and suspense films, based on realistic portrayals of life. The films he likes to favorite are towards the top of crop, not the bottom. No Country, Mystic River, The Fugitive, Public Enemies and the like. Wonder what'd he say about this one. Either way, it's getting 2.5 outa 4. 

Munki out.

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