Tuesday, May 25, 2010

'The Killer Inside Me' Poster & Trailer Drop

The Killer Inside Me has been on my list of must sees for a while now. With it's production history, it's a surprise the thing actually got off the ground. Michael Winterbottom, British legend and indie-film master, is finally cutting himself a slice of America pie in this film.

The new poster is above you, and the trailer is below this sentence. Let's see Casey show us, why he was rightful runner up to Bardem in the '07 Oscar race, and why he might be doing just that again (Bardem just got the Best Actor at Cannes, which is a fantastic feat to achieve). Affleck fa life.

Looks fuckin' raw son. Too bad it's on a limited release. Comin' atcha June 18, 2010. But thank God for film pirates. DVD screener anyone?

Munki Out.

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