Thursday, May 20, 2010

Peter Jackson Develops 3D King Kong Ride @ Universal

 When the original got taken down in favor of some Mummy bullshit, I was damn pissed. That was my favorite Uni rdie and my family's too. Good memories attached. Now it seems that the new Godfather behind the 05 smash hit (and best pic snub) King Kong, Peter Jackson, is ushering in a new ride for Universal Studios. No word on if it's just Hollywood or if's it's Orlando too. Here's hoping for at least the Big O, cuz I'm a mere 2 hours away. He had this to say in the promo vid about it:

"We're very confident that it's the largest, most intense, 3D experience on the planet."
So stoked. Here's to this ride. even if I gotta fly across the country to get to it.

Munki Out.

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  1. This attraction is Hollywood only. After the fire that destroyed a lot of their shit, King Kong included, they always wanted to do something to rebuild the strength of their stuff. This should prove very strong in deed.

    My regards about Orlando dude.