Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Too Much Banana Juice = Drunk & Still Hurts Like Shit

He drinks his 'nana juice, but it never makes him better
The sadness he wears, might as well be a sweater

He never asked for this, servitude to torture
The love he gave her, could grow a whole orchard

The banana juice, get's him nowhere
His "off-the-market" hopes, he does not have a prayer

So this monkey drinks, his monkey 'nana juice
As the alcohol abuse, lets him fuckin' loose

Swinging on the vines, or climbing up a tree
No matter how how high he gets, she'll never see

That this is one monkey, that needed her so
And her shinning face, has left him long ago

'Nanas and 'nanas can never quite quench
His hunger and thirst
That he had for that monkey
When he saw her first

Hoppity and brown, this animal remains
Holding labor-pains of love, down inside his veins

Poop is the color of his skin
And shit happens... only to him

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