Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rachel Weisz To Play 23rd Bond Villain?/ Quantum Of Solace Review

The last peice of news I heard about this film, was that one of my all-time favorites, who also happens to be one of the best, most visionary, is coming into the Bond franchise, Sam Mendes (husband to Kate Winslet actually and Director of American Beauty and Jarhead).

And now it seems that another piece of star power to hit the Bond series is none other than the beautful, the skilled, the precise, the lovely Rachel Weisz (pronounced "Wice"by the way).

As I can gather the way I heard, is that she's steppin' in to take over the reins as the ultimate kingpin behind everything from the first two movies (even the toilet grade sequel QoS?). Cinema Blend is reporting and had to say this,
In fact, they're considering Weisz to play the head of Quantum, the secret organization responsible for all the bad guy activity in the last two films. More than just another Bond babe, she'd be the mastermind pulling the strings behind everything that's happened in Daniel Craig's Bond movies so far, and the architect of James Bond's suffering.
Now I loved, loved, loved, Casino Royale and everything it did for Bond, much like Batman Begins. This man, (director Martin Campbell) saved the bond franchise twice now, Goldeneye was off to such a good start and then the next three went straight down the tubes. Damn.
So after Royale, they went with the guy responsible for turning Halle Berry into a actress and jump starting her career in the A's (and the minds of everyone in the world with blood and a penis). Marc Forster had so much in his hands with Quantum of Solace. And he lost it very quickly after the opening sequence.

In fact, I took the liberty of writing a review on it.
Here is my complete review of QoS film actually, it won't take long.

Anyway, Weisz is an actress not just worth her salt, but a whole shaker, and whatever else you have in the back, too. Her stepping in as a Bond Villain? Like, a BIG TIME Bond Villain from the sound of it?! I'll have please! Pour some for me!

I'll keep you posted on her moves if she makes any, but Sam Mendes, Dan Craig and Rachel Weisz all in a Bond film is enough for me to purchase a ticket to the midnight show on Imax.

Munki Out.


  1. Sorry but i'm more interested in Rachel Weisz for this film than Sam Mendes.

  2. You're only as good as the person helming the project