Friday, March 12, 2010

Up In The Sky! Is That A... Phoenix?!

Yes everybody, the one and only has returned to the profession we all missed  him from (albeit shortly) so much.

Last we saw of him, he was more akin to the stand in for Zack Galifianakis...

But now, clean shaven and relaxed, he's ready to get back out there.

I can't say that I'm very surprised, why would you really just retire like that out of nowhere? The only people in The Wood (my cool way of saying Hollywood) who hang they're hats up are the ones who are older than anything else in existance, and sometimes they don't even quit! I wasn't convinced in the slightest that we wouldn't ever see him again, it's not like he sucked and people were sorta wishing he would just go away. Everyone was like, whoa son?! Don't go! And then he left us with one of the best things he's done, Two Lovers. Pinpointing his stand out performances isn't the easiest task considering work he gives you too.

Oscar winning sound engineer Resul Pookutty, (Slumdog Millionaire) let it slip recently that the Joaquin is gonna be top-lining Resul's next film, an Edgar Allen Poe film no less! That's such a raw move to pull too. Let the haters talk their talk, and then I'll come back and poop on all the faces worse than the dirtiest German shaise film and slay this Edgar Allen Poe shit son!

Turns out, The Beautiful Cigar Girl is based on an eerie real-life experience the author had just months before his death. The script is based on a true story that follows Poe's investigation in solving the mystery behind the brutal death of a beautiful society girl. The person behind the screenplay has not been revealed at this time, and there is no word on who will be directing the project.

I heard word that Stallone wanted to pen a Poe script a while back, and he hasn't said it wasn't happening either. I was excited about it too, because if 2006's Rocky Balboa was any indication of his improved ablitites to handle things that aren't getting punched in the face or exploding, than he was on the right track. I highly doubt he's attached to this project in anyway though.

I'll be keeping you posted on the news with this thing as it breaks.
Munki Out.

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