Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eastwood Directing J. Edgar Hoover Film?

Let;s give it up to CineFOOLS for giving me the scoop, albeit, a very limited one. And yes, I stole their juxtaposed pic too.

The skinny is, that Clint (such a cool name huh? So fitting) is gearing up to direct a biopic about the legendary man who ushered in the F.B.I. and rose to ghost-run the entire country some say, with files and documents on everyone and anyone so he could always get his way on whatever he needed. This man, birthed intelligence and started a whole new ear in the country's security. In office and runnin' shit for 50 years playa! Then he died. This guy was serious. Hoover is credited with building the FBI into a large and efficient crime-fighting agency, and with instituting a number of modern innovations to police technology, such as a centralized fingerprint file and forensic laboratories.

Anyway, if anyone can put together a film that bleeds honesty, terrific fiction, and detail piling suspense, Eastwood can. I'm all about this project and everything he does with it.

The only question is now? Who's gonna win some awards for playing the gangster chasing, crime-stopper? Any thoughts?

Munki Out.

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