Friday, March 26, 2010

A Sad Lonely Bitch Of A Penguin

In an igloo full of penguins or a club inhabited 
This is the way it works
This penguin is alone 
No matter where he lurks

His tears are dried to icicles, before they hit the snow
Staying on his beak, with no where else to go

Like the time they left each other 
and they both watched as the tears 
Came streaming down their faces 
Showcasing their inner fears 

He watches as the reflection, shows him his penguin face
And it how registers in him, how he is a disgrace
She left first for silly reasons, and then just for good
Now he sits on his ice block, just feeling misunderstood

She does not care the pain she causes, or the strife that she ensues
For why bother with the old penguin, when she can go anew?

So for now, and maybe always, this penguin will sit jaded
Feeling the ultimate loss, lonely and downgraded...

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