Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rooney Mara Cast As Lisbeth Salander In 'Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' Remake

The months long search is over,after beating several top-tier actresses, names I've heard were Kristen-I-Hate-My-Life-Stewart, Carey Mulligan, Megan Fox, and this chick. But thank God, none of those are the case. Rooney Mara, sister of Kate Mara, has been officially cast as the newest chick badass this side of the hemisphere--Lisbeth Salander, in the David Fincher directed The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. . Well, the other side too, but we stole it of course, Sweden, France, China/Japan and England must really hate us between robbing the stars and crew and remaking their movies.

With a limited but growing filmography she is standing to be truly thrust into the light with this one suckas. She's already been there and back with Finch on The Social Network. It's a shame he made that and gave Facebook the coolest points it's ever received.

But Wait! There's more!

Now I saw her in the most foreseeably disappointing bad A Nightmare On Elm Street remake, liked her work as the lead, Nancy, but it wasn't enough to save the movie. It just made it more tolerable. She's got stuff going on in Youth In Revolt as a girl trying to sleep with 50 dudes before college and she's the reason Mark Zuckerberg creates Facebook after she dumps him in The Social Network. I'm excited about his remake, cuz Fincher's on board with Zillian and a great cast got assembled. She even started her own charity in Kenya. A non-profit children's relief called Faces of Kibera.

Daniel Craig will be playing the male lead of Mikael Blomkvist, Robin Wright (no Penn hyphenation) Stellan Skarsgard and now Max Von Sydow are on board with this. The film is based on the Swedish original is based on the novel, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. That is the first in the series of the three for the late writer Stieg Larsson. He called it his Millennium Trilogy, the second and third installments are The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked A Hornets Nest. Those were also shot and finished already in the Swedish series. No word on if Fincher will return to helm those, my bets are on a "no."

If you haven't seen any of these films, please don't hesitate and go grab 'em now.

Here's a trailer for the Swedish original, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Pretty sick no? NO?! Eh?! Yes it is. I'll mos def be keepin' you tree-readin' suckas posted on this  project fa sho. I'm excited about this, which means you assholes (j/k) should be to.

Munki out.

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