Tuesday, August 3, 2010

College Humor Rips Apart 'Inception' In Minutes

Via /Film from College Humor, the next vid to lampoon a movie off their site is out. But Inception? I guess bashing Nolan's plot clarity all started with The Dark Knight, when people claimed to see plot holes in the script, people like this guy were pretty fed up with TDK being hailed for a best pic nom. (BTW, Texas first semester I found that script with a few buddies and we all laughed til we peed the entire time we read the thing) Despite how amazing the film was and how much shit entered their pants during their wonderful theater experience, people were sour?

Well, we come full circle to Nolan again now with his follow up and ten-year-old script, Inception. Idk, yeah it's sort funny, but are we to believe these guys have actually ripped out the entire foundation of the film from one plot point to the next? I'm not exactly here to say, but they try very hard to sway you from thinking this film has any artistic merit at all. That's a shame. 

BTW, this is chalk-full of spoilers.

Yeah... Whatev. Made their points.

Munki out.

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